2285 1/2 Rice Avenue
Lake City, Pa 16423

Monday - Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-1pm 
After hours appointments available

Specialized skills in electrical wiring and carburetor repair.

From basic vehicle repairs to custom builds, we are a repair and restoration facility focused on high quality, customer satisfaction and affordable prices.

Mechanical • Electrical • Carburetor Repair • Fabrication • Chassis Modifications/Suspension • Exhaust/Headers • Restorations • Paint • Fiberglass Repair

   Donny Shaner has a passion for cars. From the moment he could pick up a wrench he was taking things apart and fixing them. He bought his first car at age 14, always tinkering and tweaking to get it just right. 30+ years later his passion for cars is stronger than ever. Donny's  family also shares his passion. If you know Donny, then you probably have seen his wife Terri and his three children David, Caitlin and Cassandra at the drag strip or at a car show. They love cars and everything about them. Ask any of them and they will tell you the smell of Cam 2 and burnt rubber is better than homemade apple pie.


  Don't be surprised when you stop on in and the whole gang is there pitching in: 

You'll find Terri in the office answering the phone and doing paperwork.

David is in the garage with his dad, he has a multitude of talents that he hones every day.

Cassandra comes in and does odds and ends to help out. You'll see her washing cars, sweeping the floors and even decorating the windows.  

Caitlin is at college, she stops in on breaks and holidays to lend a hand.

Of course, there is Donny,the heart of it all. He works his magic every day! There isn't very much he can't do or fix. (That's why we call it "Donny magic") 

We are a family run business lucky enough to be surrounded by the best people and customers anyone could hope for.

We love your car as much as you do and look forward to seeing you soon.....